A compilation of most popular songs and unpublished ones will create the second album which intends to provide a personal achievement in the music history of Albanian Music. 

First Album “Koha Skthehet”
Vedat Ademi CD pas pa tekst anash-01.jpg

A major milestone is the first album compilation of 10 songs released on 14 February 2011 an unforgettable night in the midst of friends and musicians. Album was sold throughout Albania, Kosovo and USA and a tour in big cities was conducted presenting the new album with live concerts. 

1. Koha S’kthehet (Time No Return) 
2. Si Ky Mengjes (In This Morning) 
3. ft. Rezarta Shkurta  - Iki Larg (Away)
4. Mall Qe Djeg (Missing You)
5. Aventure (Adventure)
6. ft. Samanta Karavella - Po Me Prite Ti (If You Wait On Me)
7. Si Dikur (In The Past) 
8. Me Mashtruan Syte (Eyes Cheated) 
9. Yjet sbien shpesh (Stars Do Not Fall Often) 
10. Mund te ishim bashke (Be Together)